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 Selling and Auction Services

CWP Auctions provides selling services for individuals, businesses and non-profits predominantly through eBay via our virtual eBay store, Too Much of Everything.  Our eBay ID is WeBuyandSell4u.  We also sell items using Amazon and others sales venues.

Currently we are directly listing items at a fixed price rather than using the auction format. This decision is the result of changes to eBay and it's buying traffic. On some items auctions are still the better format. We will research each item we sell for you and share our opinion about the format and why. The final decision is yours.

When we list in the auction format we suggest that eBay auctions run 10 days from Thursday through Sunday evening.  Items not won will be re-listed for another 10-day auction.  Items not selling after the second auction will be returned to the consignor or be placed in our eBay store at a fixed price for a limited time.**

**Items not picked up within 30 days after request will begin to accrue a $1 per day storage fee.  Items remaining after 90 days will become the property of WeBuyandSell4u and CWP Auctions.

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